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Our World of Education
by Chris Santee

BFA Elementary Movie Night Friday
The Addams Family Entertained Fairfax
Paying for College Presentation
VSAC on October 29th at BFA Fairfax.
Melissa Fisher - An Open Door Policy
Congratulations to Emily Pomichter
BFA Fairfax student receives NHS Scholarship

Sunday Science - SpaceX Launch
BFA Fairfax School Board Meeting
Transportation and the White House were discussed !
Historic Orwell Building Moved
Open House held at Imagine Tuesday.
BFA Fairfax Trip to New York City

OPEN HOUSE held at IMAGINE School House
Wednesday July 30, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.
Located at 138 River Road, in Fairfax.
Community members, families and prospective
students are welcome to come look at our new space,
meet our teacher Ms. Jessica Tomkowicz and learn
about IMAGINE School House.
Fairfax Parents Start Private School

School Board Special Meeting Thursday
Four Candidates for Vacant School Board Seat
On Thursday evening, July 10th, the BFA Fairfax
School Board met and selected Jesse Cronin as the
new member on the board filling the seat vacated
by Lea Wimmette.
BFA Fairfax High School Honor Roll
BFA Fairfax Middle School Honor Roll
Students achieved 91 or above in all classes !
Introducing Imagine School House of Fairfax
FOR SALE: BFA Fairfax White House
Fox 44 has the story of Fairfax History
featuring Fairfax's Mike Cain.
BFA Fairfax School Board Vacancy
Congratulations to the Class of 2014
June 14th was Graduation Day at BFA Fairfax !
Thank you for a great 2013-2014 school year.
Please remember that Wednesday, June 18th was
our last school day and we dismissed students
at 11:45am. We hope you have a great summer.
See you next year !
Fairfax's Success by Six Website !

Controversy Over Common Core
Changing Science Standards
Fairfax Community Library Events

104th Annual BFA Alumni Banquet
School Budget Approved 529-333
Fairfax Voted May 28th !!!
Approved School Budget is $12,366,288
BFA Fairfax's budget had been voted down twice.
$12,715,675 (for 278/against 331).
$12,650,000 (286/287) by ONE vote !!!.
A third vote took place May 28th, in the
old gymnasium at BFA Fairfax.
Fairfield Votes for Third Time
Fletcher Voted Down a Proposed Expansion
BFA Fairfax Won the Geography Bee !
BFA Fairfax Honor Roll
Civil War Event Held at the Library

287 to 286 - Fairfax Votes No !
BFA Fairfax's proposed budget of $12,650,000
was defeated by one vote on April 10th.
BFA's Superintendent called for a re-count, but
he is not a registered Fairfax voter.
A Fairfax voter made the request, and it was
carried out Monday evening at 6:00pm.
Two members of the School Board were present.
Also Monday night, at 6:30pm in the Library,
the Fairfax School Board Met. (Agenda)
Comments On School Budget Revote
BFA Fairfax Kindergarten Registration !
BFA Fairfax First Semester Awards
BFA Fairfax Middle School Honor Roll

School Budget Presentation Held March 31st
NEW Proposed FY 15 Budget $12,650,000.
BFA Fairfax School Budget Defeated !
Proposed Defeated Budget $12,715,675.
Proposed FY 15 School Budget Vote:
Approved 278 - Opposed 331
35 School Budgets went down all over Vermont !
FY 14 School Budget $12,121,197
Increased School Budgets Spike
Vermont's Property Tax Rates !

Scholars Bowl Team in National Tournament

Cool Site for Kids - CoolMath.com

Frog Test (2 minute limit)

Fun With Math - Try This !!!

Brain Teaser
If: 2 + 3 = 10 and 7 + 2 = 63,
If 6 + 5 = 66 and 8 + 4 = 96
Then: 9 + 7 = ????
e-mail answer to csantee@myfairpoint.net
Answer available by e-mail
We have several Brain Teaser winners.
Bob Mays, Andrew Stevens, Mike Cain,
Jim McGuinness, Erica Gould, Patrick and
Laurie Queor, Ryan Wells, Traci Hull,
Tom Feerick, Nimitz shipmate Dave Bray,
Ali Volz and Charlie Swanson.

For Your Entertainment

The Seussification of Romeo & Juliet
BFA Facilities Committee Volunteers Sought
Fairfax Middle School Honor Roll

Fairfax School Board Met Monday
Friday Night Movie in Fairfax

BFA Fairfax Honor Roll
Congratulations to students and parents !

Wizard of Oz Performed at BFA Fairfax !
Wizard of Oz Compliments !
Thursday night's play let out after 10:00pm and
was enjoyed by a packed house at BFA Fairfax.
Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion were outstanding.
And Toto too.
Buy the Scrabble: Classic Edition here

Substitute Teachers and Teaching Assistants
needed at our Westford School (grades PK-8).
Positions pay $75 to $95/day depending on licensure
status and Introductory Teacher Training status.
For more information or to apply, visit
www.schoolspring.com and enter Job ID 32652
(for substitute teaching) or 32666 (for substitute
teaching assistants), or email Carol Kogut at

Monday Night at the Community Library
BFA Fairfax School Board Meeting 6:00pm
BFA Fairfax School Budget Forum 7:00pm

Common Core by Armando Vilaseca
Melinda Carpenter Outstanding Teacher of the Year
Host Families Needed for Chinese Students

facebook Class held At the Library

School Board Meeting Held October 14th
BFA Fairfax Academic All-Stars

Fairfax Community Library Survey
Astronomy in Fairfax October 3rd

Back to School Basics 101
Balancing extracurriculars with academics

School started August 27th, please drive safely !
Commissioner Armando Vilaseca with more..

Vermont State College Board of Trustees
met August 1st in Montpelier, Vermont.
Trustee Colin Santee (B.F.A. Fairfax '09) is the
newest member of the Board of Trustees.

"A Vermonter in the Civil War" Held

BFA 2013 Commencement Program

June Events at the Community Library
BFA Fairfax 4th Quarter Honor Roll
Fairfax Library Board of Trustees Met

Graduation Day is done at BFA Fairfax !
School Brass Overrides Students' Pick
BFA Fairfax School Board Met Monday

Library May Events Wrap Up
Avalon Triumvirate Academy News
BFA # 2 in Treasury Cup Challenge !

BFA Fairfax Honor Roll

Vermont Principal of the Year Amy Minor
National Honor Society Induction Held May 3rd.

Dick Brown Scholarship Fund Established
Dick Brown Dance & Auction Held
Richard "Dick" Brown Scholarship Fund

Thank You, Fairfax
Members of the Vermont Air Guard currently stationed
in Afghanistan have sent a "thank-you" to the
Elementary Students at BFA Fairfax for all the
holiday cards and to all who contributed to the
"candy fund", especially the Fairfax Pharmacy
and Union Bank.
Fairfax Elementary and Middle School students went
to the hanger in Burlington today, along with Al's.
BFA Fairfax Elementary brought home a First Place
in the Engineering Competition at Vermont Air
National Guard Thursday morning !

The Cost of Providing Safe Schools

Let's Dance was held last week in the High School
Gym at Bellows Free Academy Fairfax.
K-5 students performed their dances and
Karen Amirault, artist-in-residence,
performed a special dance and there was
a teacher's surprise !.
School Board Budget Presentation

January Events at the Community Library

Joey Langelier Makes F.I.T. Dean's List

Protests Over St. J. Library Layoffs
Vermont Manufacturers Want More Math

Vermont Students Make Snowflakes for Newtown
StudentsFirst Gives Vermont an F

It was a busy afternoon and evening at the
Fairfax Community Library at BFA Fairfax with
Sock Snowmen, Chess Club & the Civil War !
Vermont & the Civil War - Tuesday 6:30pm
BFA Fairfax Elementary Students Raise
Funds for Franklin County Humane Society

Photos and Story by Mike Cain
Fairfax School Board Met Monday
BFA Fairfax Honor Roll

Beloved BFA Principal Dick Brown Passes
Full Obituary for Dick Brown

Vermont Honors Combat Veterans
Westford Vet Gets BFA Fairfax Diploma

BFA Students Tour Wind Turbines

Turmoil, Infighting at BFA St. Albans
School Board Met on Budget November 12th
Julie Filiberti tended her resignation
Thank you, Julie, for your public service.

Vermont Science Achievement by School

St. Albans Students Honor Veterans

BFA Fairfax School Board Met Monday

Fairfax, Vermont Education
by Chris Santee

Franklin West Supervisory Union
BFA Fairfax, Georgia Elementary &
Middle Schools and Fletcher Elementary
Superintendent: Ned Kirsch
Franklin West on facebook

BFA Fairfax (802) 849-6711
BFA Elementary School 849-2222

BFA Fairfax Seeking Substitute Teachers !
Call Sally at 849-6711 for H.S. and M.S.
and call Val at 849-2222 for Elementary

Community Library @ BFA Fairfax
Call 849-2420 for more information

Fairfax Community Library Website
Fairfax Community Library Honored
The Library Journal Index of Public Library Service
has given the Community Library at BFA Fairfax an
all-star rating, one of five in Vermont.

Game Show Fairfax

Listen Up !
Download audiobooks and ebooks directly
to your devices using your library card!
Grant Approved for Community Library
Stop by, or call 849-2420 for more information.
Free and open to the public, and
accessible to people with disabilities.

Bellows Free Academy Fairfax received the
following letter from:
First Baptist Christian School
4141 Ponchartrain Drive
Slidell, Louisiana 70460

Dear Friends in Christ,
In the aftermath of Katrina I have seen the
worst and the best in a variety of situations
and people.
I have seen both, even within myself.
Never did any of us think that rebuilding of
our homes, schools and community would go on
this long, and there is still a long road
ahead of us.
In the middle of an existence foreign to us,
filled with confusion and sadness, God pro-
vided a tremendous blessing.
From people we have never met, an outpouring
of love and support has come.
It has been an overwhelming and unexpected
Hope and strength have returned to our lives.
A desire and eagerness to overcome has en-
gulfed us all.
Your gift has been a message to us of your
belief in us and our ability to overcome.
Your gift has been a reminder to us that we
are one family under God.
Please accept from the depths of our hearts
"Thank You".
Thank you for your care, your love, your
compassion, support and prayers.
Your gift is one that we will take with us
into eternity.
In His service,
Olive Zenon & Susan Flarity

BFA Fairfax School Board Agenda Sept. 10th

Friday Lesson Plan Full of Hot Air
WCAX was at BFA Fairfax Friday morning.
BFA Identified for School Improvement
Elementary and High School included

VT Fab Lab Inspires Future Engineers

Pink Glove Dance - BFA Fairfax
by National Honor Society at BFA Fairfax

Locals Outdoor Concert in Fairfax !
BFA Fairfax was packed on a sunny evening.
All had a good time on a night to remember.

BFA Academic All-Stars
Congratulations Joey Langelier and Leah Lavigne.

Congratulations B.F.A. Fairfax
2012 National Honor Society Inductees
Sierra Benoit, Paige Beyor, Emily Blackburn,
Kevin Farmer, Nicolas Figueroa, Emily Filiberti,
Levi Gardell, Sandra Groening, Thomas Hakey,
Anissa Hartmann, Francesca Harvey, Jordan
Hoffman, Mellie Holzscheiter, Dakotah
McCormick, Logan McGuiness, Nicole Peatman,
Zac Roy, Aman Saini, Faith Sampson, Shivram
Singh, Ashely Smith, Leah Stanley, Daniel
Thibault, Connor Toof, Ashley Williams, Ryan
Wimble and Travis Yandow.

BFA Fairfax School Board Met Monday
Geri Witalec is our new Athletic Director.

Vermont Woodworking School featured on WCAX

Mothers of PreSchool Children are welcome

At The Library
by Chris Santee

Please call the library at 849-2420
to sign up, or for more information.

Franklin West Supervisory Union
Superintendent Ned Kirsch

Other news and information sites

Bellows Free Academy Fairfax Web Site

Georgia Elementary & Middle School Web Site

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