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Recent Political News
by Chris Santee

Fairfax Selectboard 849-6111 ext 7
Fairfax Selectboard Meetings on Video
Tom Fontaine is Chairperson of the Selectboard.
Chris Santee is Vice-Chair for the next year.
Leebeth Ann Lemieux was elected in March 2013.
Randy DeVine and Pete King fill out the board.
You can reach Chris Santee at 782-0406 with any
questions, concerns, or comments about Fairfax.

2014 Voting Results for Fairfax
for State Representative
Murphy 588, Santee 571, Shea 288.

Brief Library Survey - Please take part !

Head of EPA Visits St. Albans Bay
Household Waste Day Held in Fairfax

Seniors, Single Payer and Medicare
3.7% of Voters Not on Checklist
In Vermont Even Fraudulent Votes Count
Guns Not Safe with Shumlin
from Vermont Watchdog
Fairfax Selectboard Met September 15th
Will Bessette Road be opened, or abandoned ?
Will Fairfax sign on to a solar power deal ?
Saluting Fairfax's Tom Fontaine !
Economic Development in Northern Vermont

Santee Wins Fairfax Republican Primary
Original vote ended in another Fairfax tie
A meeting was held on September 2nd at Pete
Fitzgerald's house to select a winner as
required by Vermont Statutes.
By a vote of 6-3 Chris Santee will be the
candidate of the Republican party November 4.
In Fairfax Primary voting August 26th:
Republican Primary Voting at the New Town Office:
Chris Santee 66
Write-In Barbara Murphy 66
Write-In Bob Shea 1
2369. Determining winner; tie votes
Persons who receive a plurality of all the votes
cast by a party in a primary shall be candidates
of that party for the office designated on the
If two or more candidates of the same party are
tied for the same office, the choice among those
tied shall be determined:
(1) Upon five days notice and not later than 10
days following the primary election, the state
committee of a party, for a state or congressional
office; the senatorial district committee for
state senate; the county committee for county
office; or the representative district committee
for a representative to the general assembly
shall meet to nominate a candidate from among
the tied candidates.
(2) The committee chair shall certify the
candidate nomination for the general election
to the secretary of state within 48 hours of
the nomination.
(Added 1977, No. 269 (Adj. Sess.), 1;
amended 2009, No. 73 (Adj. Sess.), 5,
eff. April 7, 2010.)
2370. Write-in candidates
A write-in candidate shall not qualify as a
primary winner unless he or she receives at
least one-half the number of votes required
for his or her office on a primary petition,
except that if a write-in candidate receives
more votes than a candidate whose name is
printed on the ballot, he or she may qualify
as a primary winner.
Peter Shumlin's Gone for Two Weeks !!!

GMO Labeling a Marketing Ploy ?
Spending Pre-K vs. College
by Rob Roper
Out of the Frying Pan by Randy Brock
Brock was just in Fairfax at the Santees'
Back Yard Bar-B-Q held August 7th.
Vermont Revenues Below Expectations

2014 Egg Run & Walk was Successful
Fairfax 2014 Egg Run & Walk
River Road was closed before 9:00am and hundreds
of participants ran or walked or rolled the
5K or 10K courses along the Lamoille River
Saturday morning in Fairfax, Vermont !
Fairfax's Egg Run Gets National Recognition
Fairfax Egg Run Seeks Volunteers !!!
Vermont Home Prices Up 4.4%
Nationally, homes are up over 7%
Fairfax Selectboard Met August 4th
Summer is going quickly, enjoy yours !!!
Vermont Fires Health Exchange Creator
Bacon Cheeseburgers and Global Warming
by Rob Roper
Obamacare Architect to Help Vermont
Congressman Welch Wins Yost Award

Fairfax Selectboard Met Monday, July 7th
Roads and New Roads were topics of discussion.
St. Albans Town Sees Growing Pains

Fairfax Selectboard Met June 16th.
Speed on Buck Hollow Road was discussed.
Fairfax's New District is Franklin-2
Chris Santee is running for State Representative.
Santee for House has a facebook page !
Barbara Murphy is running for State Representative.
Fairfax Boards Met June 9th
BFA Fairfax's School Board met with the
Fairfax Selectboard to discuss the Park.
Senator Collins Opts Out of Race
St. Mike's Grad to Lead U.S. Marines
Out-of-State $$$ Fight GMO Lawsuit

Burlington Not Mailing Absentee Ballots
Couch to 5K Started Tuesday !
Start now to get ready for the Egg Run !
Fairfax's Planning Commission Met Tuesday.
New Permitting Fees May Be Coming to Fairfax !
Fairfax Selectboard Met Monday Night
If you are interested in being a part of a
Neighborhood Watch Program Call 782-0406.
The Circus is coming back to Fairfax.
Fairfax could be going to a "Fiscal Year",
April Housing Slumps in Vermont

Fairfax Selectboard Met Monday
Exit 19's Growth in Judge's Hands
Husky's Energy Efficiency Praised
Drugged Driving Bill Gets Preliminary Approval
Vermont to Ban Cell Phone Driving
Cell Phone Tower Proposed Location Meeting
held May 6th at the Fairfax Town Office Building.
Click on the link above to see the new location.
Selectboard Met Monday night at 7:00pm.
Vermont Gas Expects to Start June 1st
Pipeline will travel western portion of Vermont
Vermont's Senate Expands PreKindergarten
White House Environmental Advisor Visits
House Passes GMO Bill (or does it?)

Huntville Road was closed Thursday, May 1st.
Two duplexes are going to be built at the corner of
Huntville Road and Main Street.
Fairfax Falls Bridge Was Closed
7:00pm to 9:00pm Wednesday night for cleaning.
Georgia Resolves Rhodes Case
Vermont Senate Approves $5.5B Budget
The U.S. Senate blocked the Minimum Wage Bill.

Fairfax Selectboard Met Monday Night
Fairfax continues to grow quickly.
Watch for a couple duplex apartments on
Huntville Road and Main Street and some
more in the fields behind Country Pantry.
A meeting for the cell tower was postponed.
Sheriff Norris stopped by the meeting along
with Franklin County Senate candidate Dustin
Degree of St. Albans.

There will be no revote for Recreation Director.
The Fairfax Community Egg Hunt was held
at the Fairfax Community Park on Saturday, April 19th
at 2:30pm. Registration closed on Thursday at 5:00pm.
To register patrons needed to contact Fairfax Parks
and Recreation via email Fairfaxparksandrec@yahoo.com
or by calling the office at 849-6111 x 8.
We need to know the name and age of each child and if
if they had any peanut/tree nut allergies.
The kids also needed to bring their own bags/baskets.
Household Hazardous Waste Day Held Saturday

Obama Signs Welch Legislation Into Law
Obama Signs Second Welch Legislation
Senate Says No to Drugged Driving Law
Fairfax Dogs needed to be registered by April 1st.
Fairfax held a Rabies Clinic Friday afternoon at
the Fairfax Town Garage on Fletcher Road.
Agricultural Plastic Recycling

Fairfax Selectboard Met Monday Night
Article 3 is still tied at 306 to 306 !
Katrina will be collecting signatures for 5% of the
registered voters to call for a revote.
Katrina Antonovich called for a recount and the
Recount confirmed a 306-306 tie.
There is a discussion on a cell tower to be
possibly erected on the Country Pantry land

Fairfax Selectboard Met March 10th.
Tom Fontaine is the new Chairman of the Board
while Chris Santee remains the Vice-Chair.
Town Office Open House Held Saturday
Fairfax School Board Met at 6:30pm
U.S. Congressman Peter Welch stopped in at
Foothills Bakery on Monday morning at 8:00am.
for "Congress in Your Community".
He was off to St. Albans after to Ride Along with
the St. Albans Police Department Chief Taylor.

Pete King is the new Selectperson !
Fran Conlon 198 - Pete King 325
Town Budget $2,267,992
Approved 375 - Opposed 234
Fairfax residents got together March 1st for Town
Meeting 2014 and discussed a variety of issues
including the NEW Town Office and the NEW
Town of Fairfax Website.
Vermonters Pay For It !!!!!

Contested Selectboard Race in Fairfax
Peter King beat Fran Conlon for Selectboard
Former Selectperson Peter King defeated former
Assistant Town Clerk Fran Conlon for the
Selectboard seat being vacated by Dave Shea.
Chris Santee ran unopposed for re-election.
Fairfax's New Town Office Opened February 15.
Fairfax Selectboard met at 7:00pm.
John Mitchell and Brett Phillips came in to
discuss a committee to oversee the Water &
Sewer Department. More discussion will follow.

Food Venture Building Coming Down
Work Started Last Week in Fairfax !
Visibilty at the blinking yellow light will improve !!
Main Street will not be closed during the project
as it will be coming down piece by piece and at
this point we don't have a time of completion.
The Fairfax Selectboard held their final
Regular Meeting in the White House on
February 3rd and approved a $950,000 Bond
for the new Fairfax Town Office to be open
on Monday, February 17th at 9:00am.
The proposed Town of Fairfax Budget for 2014
is $2,267,992 of which $1,795,763 is to be
raised by taxes.
2014 Town & School Official Elections

Fairfax's Selectboard met January 20th to
discuss trash pick-up and the 2014 Budget.
On Tuesday night, they met for the Water and
Sewer Department and more Budget work.

Fairfax Selectboard Met Monday Night
Another meeting was scheduled for Thursday.
Special thanks to all Fairfax's Town employees !
Vt. HealthCare Committee Shake-Up
Vermont School Property Taxes Rising !
Sign Up for Vermont Health Connect !

Fairfax's Selectboard has selected the Platinum
Standard Plan for our town employees !
Shumlin's Ever-Changing HealthCare Story

Fairfax Goes With Duffy's in 2014
By a 3-2 vote, the Fairfax Selectboard went
with a trash hauling contract proposal made
by Duffy's Trash & Recycling of Georgia and
terminated Casella's contract effective 1/1/14.
Randy DeVine & Chris Santee voted for Casella.
Recycling Recommendations Leave Questions
Thank you to our drivers/haulers from Casella
for years of great service to Fairfax residents:
Jim Nelson, Dave Lamberti, Travis Bidwell and
Bill Davis, these are our final days of pick-up
before Duffy's of Georgia takes over in town.
There was an Emergency Meeting of the
Fairfax Selectboard at the Santee house at
at 76 Hunt Street in Fairfax today to
discuss and possibly purchase recycle bins.
The board purchased the bins from Casella's.

Tax Commissioner Wants Tax Increase
"Property tax for education needs to increase"
Campaign for Vermont Responds !!!

F-35's Coming to Burlington !
Delay Doesn't Change HealthCare Deadline
Fairfax Town Office Roof Trusses
St. Albans Town Debates Police Coverage

Fairfax employees gathered Thursday to a party
for Mildred Warren at the Fairfax Town Office.
Mildred Warren is retiring after over 25 years of
service to the Town of Fairfax, working in our
Water and Sewer Department. Thank you, Mildred !
Photos at New Fairfax Town Office

Channel 3, WCAX Investigates the
Ballooning Health Care Contracts

At Issue - Vermont's Bridges !
Could the answer be in Fairfax ?

Public Navigator Comes to Fairfax
Community Library on November 7th

No BackUp Plan for Health Connect
Governor Announces Back Up Plan
$70M Gap in State Funds Looms
Huber Suhner Leaving Vermont !

Health Connect's Cost of Communication
Health Connect Resorts to Paperwork
Fairfax's Selectboard met Monday evening,
October 14th at 7:00pm with Health Connect
navigator Dave Southwick and Fairfax's
State Representative John Mitchell to
discusss the town's options with the new
health care laws.
Fairfax's Selectboard has until October 31
to make a decision.

New Town Office Groundbreaking was held
Wednesday, October 16th at 10:00am just up
Buck Hollow Road, off Main Street (Rt. 104).
The Selectboard signed a contract Tuesday with
Hergenrother Construction for the
construction of our new Town Office.

Fairfax Selectboard met Monday, October 7th.
Fairfax's Town Garage was broken into over
the weekend and a saw was stolen.

New Hampshire Budget Has $76M Surplus

NE Grid Again Orders Wind Offline
Citizens for Fairfax Community report
The Baptist Trustees of the United Church of
Fairfax have expressed their willingness to
DONATE the Baptist Building as a
Community Center !

Household Hazardous Waste Day was held
Saturday from 8:00am to noon at the
Fairfax Town Garage on Fletcher Road.

Healt Exchange Arrives, Questions Continue
Online Kinks at Vermont Health Connect
U.S. Government Partially Shuts Down
Congress will still get paid.
Wilmington Gets $158K to Digitize Records
Fairfax has already done this for about $21K.
Fairfax's Selectboard, Development Review Board
and Planning Commission met Monday at BFA.
Vermont Gas Completes Pipeline
Project in Franklin County

Healthcare 101 - Terms and Resources
Builder of VT's Health Care Access
Misses Key Deadlines !

Big Increase in Lowell Wind
New Fact Sheet for Health Connect
Shumlin Launches Countdown to Coverage
Vermont Employers Wrestle With Insurance
Employers Must Notify Employees
The Vermont Department of Financial Regulation
announced that the state will receive more than
$63,600 as the result of a multi-state
investigation into UBS Financial Services.
Global Warming Cover Up ?

We're # 1, We're # 1 (In Taxes)
Forbes: Vermonter's tax burden highest in nation
Global Warming Falling Apart ?
VTrans Headed to Help Colorado

Missile Defense System in Jericho ?
Gas Pipeline Debate in Middlebury
Big "Yes" for St. Albans Parking Garage
St. Albans Votes on New Parking Garage
Vote determines new office building
Shumlin's Healthcare Payroll Tax Plan

Milton Firm Creates "Virtual Pipeline"
General Dynamics to Layoff 35 Workers
Obama "I didn't set red line"

Quote of the Day
"We're going to grow jobs" P. Shumlin
Rumble Strips Planned for Route 2
Strips are being torn up in Cambridge now.
Entergy: "Vermont Yankee to Shut Down"
Looking Out for Aquatic Invasives

Obamacare Scams Expected to Rise
Big Rate Increase to Catamount Health
Fairfax's Circumferential Sidewalks
Will Fairfax get the new sidewalks that have been
promised ? VTrans tells Fairfax the Environmental
Section states the Resource Clearances have been
approved and the Historice Preservation has the
Right of Way information to proceed and VTrans will
let Fairfax know "when they hear something".
New Fairfax Town Office
Bids are expected to be accepted soon from
potential construction companies.
March's election could be in the new building.
Fairfax's Board of Civil Authority met Tuesday
night at the Town Office to purge the 3,300
names on our voter checklist.
"Vermont Knows Why Wind Power Was Cutoff"
Says GMP to Governor Peter Shumlin

WEC's Limit on Net Metering
NY Expands Ash Tree Quarantine
NY, Vermont fighting Emerald Ash Borer !
West Nile Detected in Fairfax, Vermont !
Mosquitoes test positive for EEE, West Nile
Wear protective clothing and bug spray !!!
Vermont Yankee Can Stay Open
Fairfax Town Plan Public Hearing Held
Shumlin Addresses Travel Costs

Fairfax Selectboard met Monday, July 15th
and discussed the Emerald Ash Borer.
Doug Reeves came in to educate the Board.
Fairfax Selectboard met July 11th to discuss
the plans for the new Town Office.
Fairfax Selectboard met Monday July 1st.
Drawings for the new Town Office are in !
Some Fairfax land went in Vermont Land Trust.

Vermont Yankee to Lay Off 30
Catamount Insurance Rate Rises 12%
Wind Turbine Neighbors Complain
Wind Turbines Causing Headaches, Neighbor Says
Tired of Waiting on St. Albans Bay

419 Laid Off at Essex I.B.M.
Could Entergy's employees be next ?
Job Fair for laid off IBMers
Solar Credits Hit Utility Budgets
Changes in National Fire Code

Shumlin Deal Might Never be Disclosed
Governor Shumlin's Real Estate Empire

750 Attend Wind Farm Open House
Husky hopes to hire laid off IBMers
New Construction is UP in Fairfax, Vermont.
Fairfax's Development Review Board met Wednesday
evening to hear the proposal for the new Fairfax
Town Office. It's an "L-Shaped" building to go on
the lot at the corner of Buck Hollow & Route 104.
St. Albans Walmart 80% Complete

Fairfax Selectboard Met Monday Night
We should soon have a new tandum truck on the road.
Sidewalks are coming, along with a new town office
building off Buck Hollow Road. New streetlights too.
Fourth of July festivities sound promising.
IBM Layoffs Have Begun !
Local Housing Market Picks Up
Vermont Public Housing Funding Shortages
Sorrell Investigating Shumlin Land Deal

Sanders Slams Secret Surveillance
Shumlin Speaks on Land Deal

GMP & NRG Sign Solar Agreement
Benghazi, I.R.S., tapped phone lines, oh my.
Peter Shumlin's Real Estate Deal
Fairfax Selectboard Met Monday Night
Water Rates will be increasing this year.
A letter will be going out to Fairfax users.
A budget on the new Town Office Building was
presented at just over $800,000.
Bob Greenia made a presentation of a miniature
Covered Bridge identical to ours. It's cool !

Many thanks to Bob, who built it in Florida.
Bob's family was there for the presentation.
John Mitchell Reports from Montpelier
Fairfax's Representative reflects on the session.
Tenants Water Rights Bill

The Fairfax Town Office Committee met with the
Fairfax Selectboard on April 8th in the
"White House" to go over the proposed design.
It's an "L" Shaped Building that will now be
priced to see if it fits the approved budget.
Fairfax Openings
The Development Review Board has two vacancies:
one for a person to cover two meetings a month,
the 1st and 3rd Wed. of the month, usually from
7-9, and another vacancy for an alternate who
fills in for someone when they are unable to make
a meeting.
If you are interested in either position, please call
Skip Taylor, ZA; or Stacy Wells, SB Asst. 849-6111.
There is a stipend for this position.

Fairfax's Selectboard met May 6th and discussed
our new Town Office building, and costs.

Montpelier News from Rep. John Mitchell
Weekly Vermont Legislative Reports

Heroin Bust in Vermont Hotel Room
paid for by Vermont taxpayers !

I.R.S. Scandal Prompts Questions
about Congressman Peter Welch

Story from WCAX, Channel 3 in Burlington.
Bengazi is about more than just politics
Mark Danka to U.S. Congressman Peter Welch.

House of Contention
by Michelle Monroe - St. Albans Messenger

Richard Westman Letter

Do Kids Belong to You ? (Montpelier)
Vermont Lawmakers Consider Hemp Bill

Household & Hazardous Waste Day Held
Earth Day Was April 22nd.
Created on this date in 1970 to save our planet
from Global Cooling !
Georgia Mountain Wind Turbines
Produce 1M KWH in One Week

General, Transportation, Education Funds Short
Do Your Children Belong to You ?
A New World Order
Childcare Unionization Still Alive !

"We've given New Hampshire enough love"
Governor Peter Shumlin
Ammo Shortage Hitting Vermont Shops

Quote of the Month
"Barack Obama is the good guy and the
Second Amendment supporters are the Nazis."

Chris Matthews
House Votes $27M in New Taxes
Shumlin In Wonderland
from the Caledonian Record

Businesses React to Tax Proposals
Eminent Domain in St. Albans ?
from the St. Albans Messenger
Big Tax Bill Clears Ways & Means
Vermont House Approves Gas Tax Hike
Representative Branagan Plays Bargaining Chip
March Madness - Montpelier Style

Re-count Confirms Defeated Bus Article

Petition Opposes Gas Tax Increase

Firearms Rights Activists Meeting Today
Foreclosures Spike in Vermont !
Vermont's Population Problem

Congratulations to Debbie Woodward re-elected
as Fairfax's Town Clerk & Treasurer !
Ann Lemieux is Fairfax's newest Selectboard member.
Both Budgets Passed !
School Bus voted down by three votes !
Randy DeVine was re-elected, unopposed to the
Selectboard and Paula Dearborn was elected to
BFA Fairfax's School Board.
Tamsin Coon is an elected Fairfax Lister.

Fairfax Town Meeting
Fairfax Voting Results
Winners are in bold letters !!!
Town Clerk
Fran Conlon 282
Debbie Woodward 442
Town Treasurer
Fran Conlon 311
Debbie Woodward 410
Nick Hibbard 224
Ann Lemieux 451
School Budget
Approve 000
Disapprove 000
Town Budget
Approve 000
Disapprove 000

Voting by ballot is OVER in the
Middle School Gymnasium at BFA Fairfax.
Town Clerk & Treasurer Debbie Woodward was
seeking re-election, but had competition from
Assistant Fran Conlon.
Two Vie For Fairfax Selectboard
Fairfax Town Meeting 2013 was held at
10:00am in the Elementary Gymnasium at
Bellows Free Academy - Fairfax Saturday.
Fairfax has 12 Justices of the Peace.

Four Fairfax Tax Sales Held Thursday
at the Fairfax Town Office.
#1. 36 acres McNall & Richards Road.
#2. Dwelling on Shepardson Hollow Road.
#3. Unit B 52 Old Academy Road.
#4. 11.8 and 3 acres Goose Pond Road.
Interested parties can call Fairfax Town
Office at 849-6111 for more information.
Gun Control Legislation Dead in Vermont
For Now !!!
From the White House to Milton
On Sunday evening, Governor Peter Shumlin had
dinner at the White House with the other
state governors and President Barack Obama.
On Thursday, February 28th, he was in Milton
for the Milton Legislative Breakfast,
in the Community Room of the Municipal Building
at 43 Bombardier Road in Milton, Vermont.

Shumlin Agrees to Reimburse Vermont
House Committee Kills Sugar Tax
Hand Recounts Begin in St. Albans
Rep. Greg Clark Dies in Car Accident
Rising Teachers Health Insurance
could cost property taxpayers

UVM tells Vermont to tax soda

Setback for Vermont Irene Repairs

A second Georgia Mountain wind tower is up.
More from WCAX, Channel 3 in Burlington, Vermont.
On Wednesday, November 14th, the first blades
were affixed to the wind tower on the top of
Georgia Mountain. Three more towers and sets
of blades are scheduled by December 31st, 2012.
Vermont's Unemployment Rate Ticks Up
Job Cuts at Clinton Community College

Since the Election
Vermont Law School Cutting Jobs !
Stryker Cuts 1,170, Jobs, citing Obamacare
Layoffs at UTC Aerospace in Vergennes
Hostess Laying Off 18,500 Employees
Job Cuts at GE Healthcare
Brattleboro Retreat Lays Off Workers
Barnet Votes for ATV's on some roads
A Seventh Flag Over Texas has been Proposed.
It's a Crisis for Women in Quebec

Energizer Closing St. Albans Plant
CVPH Announces Hospital Layoffs
700 Layoffs at Shaws Supermarkets

A Wind Tower Towers Over Fairfax !
A part of a tower rolled through Fairfax Thursday.
Wednesday saw the first of four towers erected.
The tower parts arrived in the wrong order.
The towers, from Tennessee were due here first.
The nacelle turbines, from China, arrived early.
The blades were manufactured in Arkansas.
Lowell Wind Neighbors Complain About Noise
Georgia Mountain Community Wind Project
Wind Turbines Moving Into Position !
Blades are on the Westford/Milton Road.
Vermont Supreme Court Upholds
Lowell Wind Permits

Fairfax will be getting a new Town Office !
Over 1,200 of 2,160 voters approved the proposal
Congratulations to John Mitchell, Fairfax's
new State Representative for Franklin-2.
Fairfax Voting Results
Franklin County Senate race was very tight.
McAllister and Collins are the top two, but
Collins' 25 vote win may have to be re-counted
if third place finisher Degree requests it.
Thank you to all who voted for me as J.P.
Fairfax State Representative Candidates were
John Mitchell, Mike O'Day and Bob Shea

Bloomberg Bans Food Donations !
Chris Matthews Glad We Had Sandy
Forgotten by FEMA - Volunteers Organize
FEMA offices closed Wednesday due to snow.

3 NY Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Sample Ballot for Fairfax Voters
Waiting for Turbines on Georgia Mountain

Statewide Candidate Information Guide
Fairfax will be known as Franklin-2 in Montpelier.

Town Office Meeting Held November 3rd
Questions & Answers on Proposed Town Office
New Fairfax Town Office Meetings !!!
More Information on Meetings
Town Office Committee Prepares Ballot Item
It's smaller, it's less expensive and it's also
visible from Main Street in Fairfax.
Fairfax Town Office Faces Dilemma
by Michelle Monroe St. Albans Messenger

Franklin County Politics
Meet Franklin County's Senate Candidates
We've got seven candidates up for two seats !
Meet Judith McLaughlin
Meet Caroline Bright
Meet Norman McAllister of Highgate
Meet Dustin Allard Degree of St. Albans
Dustin's campaign had an event July 12th in
St. Albans with special guest and longtime
friend of the Fairfax News, Jim Douglas at
5:00pm at Cioffi's Historic Barn on Congress.
Dustin has announced Carolyn Branagan as his
campaign treasurer also.
Meet Peter Moss of Fairfax
The Moss Sawbuck
Meet Don Collins of Swanton
Collins, of Swanton, used to live in Fairfax
and needs no introduction to many residents.
His website is being prepared for launch.

Obama and Romney are headed to New Hampshire
this weekend, as every vote counts !
Vermont's gubernatorial race is heating up.
Campaign Close-Up on Randy Brock
WCAX looks at the gubernatorial challenger.

Shumlin Declares State of Emergency !

In Vermont, after some Primary confusion,
Deadline Extended for Absentee Ballots
Fairfax Non-Motorized Circulation Study
Winooski Owes Vermont $1.5M

Several Mike O'Day signs are appearing on Main Street.
He's a Progressive running for Fairfax State Rep along
with Republican John Mitchell & Independent Bob Shea.

Comments Sought on Maple Grade Changes
Randy Brock in the Wall Street Journal

Phil Scott Bikes Through Fairfax
Lt. Governor Phil Scott biked through Fairfax
Tuesday on a re-election tour through Vermont's
14 counties and stopped at the Country Pantry.

General Dynamics Laying Off 50 Vermonters
McLaughlin, Moss Snubbed from Forum
Green Mountain Care NOT Single Payer
from a GMC Board Member

Vermont Primary Election Results
Franklin County Senate Candidates Dustin Degree
and Norm McAllister were campaigning in Fairfax
August 25th and won their primaries August 28th.

The Speed Limit on Fletcher Road
will be dropping to 40MPH in about 40 days
A discussion is ongoing at VTGrandpa.com.
Click on the link to read the conversation.

U.S. Freezes Nuke Plant Permits

Social Security Explains Hollow Point Purchases

Community Showing Support for F-35's

Governor Meets with Franklin County Farmers

Wind Power News in Vermont
Lawsuit Dropped !!!
Neighbors Face Lawsuit Over
Georgia Mountain Wind Project
Activists Blocking Wind Project Again
First Wind Turbine Up on Lowell Mountain
Up on Georgia Mountain, work is underway to
erect wind towers that will be visible in Fairfax.
An access road has been constructed to the top
from the Westford Milton Road near the townline.
Shipments of the major wind turbine components.
blades, generator, and tower sections are
planned to begin in early September and continue
through mid-October. More on Georgia Mountain
Accident Involves Lowell Wind Project
More Layoffs at NRG in Hinesburg
Protestors Blocked the Road in Lowell
Fairfax Selectboard met Tuesday morning to
review the bids on the Main Street sidewalks.
We're looking at construction through 2013.

Governor Peter Shumlin and Lieutenant Governor
Phil Scott will be seeking re-election in 2012.
It looks like seven candidates for Franklin
County Senate and two for Fairfax House.
Carolyn Branagan is seeking Georgia's House.
Current Franklin County Senators Randy Brock
and Sara Kittell are not seeking re-election.
Brock is running against Shumlin for governor.

Fairfax is working on sidewalks and a
back-up water source at this time.
Land Committee is seeking volunteers.
5 New Members Were Appointed Monday !
Call Skip at 849-6111 ext. 4

Working Road Foreman Selected
The Fairfax Selectboard met Monday night and
offered the position of Working Road Foreman
to D.J. Leach and D.J. has accepted !
D.J. brings 24 year experience on local roads.
The position opened when Don Pigeon announced
he will be retiring in September 2012.

Fairfax Selectboard met Monday, April 2nd.
Don Pigeon announced he will be retiring.
His last day will be September 30th, 2012.
Special thanks to Don for all you have done.

School Board Special Met Thursday Night
BFA's School Board met again June 21st and
offered to extend the Lease to a 30 year period
if the voters approve this on a ballot vote.
BFA's School Board met June 11th with the Town
Office Committee and discussed the White House
which currently houses the Fairfax Town Office.
The White House is in need of repairs and the
Board and Committee will work together to find
all the options for the townspeople.

Move to Killington - Get Free Tuition ?

Windham Educators Demand More

FEMA Cuts Reimbursement to Vermont

VT Revenue Forecast Adjusted Lower

Vermont Could End Year With Surplus !

No Democratic Endorsement for Sorrell

Vermont Rejects Senior Housing Development

Lt. Governor Launches Re-Election Website

Brock v. Shumlin on Health Care

Colin Santee (BFA Fairfax '09) has announced
his candidacy
for Vermont State Representative
for Lamoille-2 (Johnson, Hyde Park, Wolcott and

Beauty Queen Enters Senate Race
Don Collins, Joe Sinagra and Norm McAlister
are also running for the two vacant seats.
Sinagra & McAlister are Republicans.
Collins and the beauty queen are Democrats.
Don Collins lost his seat to Randy Brock.
Peter Moss is running as the Independent.
Current Senator Randy Brock is running for
the governor's seat and Kittell is retiring.

Sara Kittell Leaving Senate
Franklin County Senator Sara Kittell
will not be seeking re-election this year.
Franklin County's other Senator Randy Brock
is seeking Peter Shumlin's seat at the top.
Joe Sinagra is running for Senate in Franklin
County along with Representative Norm McAlister.

John Mitchell Running for Representative
Gary Gilbert said he won't seek re-election.
Branagan will be representing Georgia.
Chris Santee is happy on the Selectboard.

Town Office Committee Met
We're looking for "new blood" on the committee.
At least one new member joined the team.
Can you volunteer to work on this project ?

NH House Votes to Ban Health Exchange

South Burlington Debates F-35's
F-35 Fighter Jet Hearing Monday
at South Burlington High School

Donovan Running for Vermont A.G.
Dem will challenge Sorrell in Primary.

Vermont's Legislative Session Wraps-Up

Publisher joins race for governor
will face Randy Brock in the Primary
Matthew Walker is the new Franklin County
GOP Chair. Vice-Chair to be named soon.

Fairfax Selectboard met Monday night.
Watch for extra law enforcement patrols.
Write down suspicious activity in Fairfax
and report to the Sheriff at 524-2121.

Fairfax Public Warning - Food Venture Building

News & Notes from Vermont Towns

Fairfax New Town Office Building

BED Rolls Out First Smart Meter

Cynic newspaper disappears from UVM

Household Hazardous Waste Day Held
Click Here for Disposal Price Information
It was busy at the Fairfax Town Garage
located on Fletcher Road past Amoskeag.

Lottery Winner Collects Welfare Dollars

Shumlin to Legislators: Back Off Merger

Farmers for Dairy Insurance Program

Obamas Take Money, Leave Vermont Bills
Police Departments Want Money Back

Town of Fairfax, Vermont
(802) 849-6111

Fairfax Justices - Election Results

Fairfax Selectboard News
by Chris Santee

"There is no dignity quite so impressive,
and no one independence quite so important,
as living within your means."

Who Said It ?

Contact Your Representative
by Chris Santee

Vermont's Governor is Peter Shumlin

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy's Website

U.S. Congressman Peter Welch's Website

Fairfax's Representative is John Mitchell.

Senators are Don Collins and Norm McAllister

What's Up in Washington, D.C.
by Chris Santee

U.S. Debt Clock

Interesting Article - 12 Years Later

"Within the covers of the Bible are all the answers
for all the problems men face."
--Ronald Reagan
The Fairfax News was invited to the White House
on September 15th, 2009 to cover Vermont Governor
Jim Douglas speaking in the Eisenhower Building
with United States President Barack Obama.
We had about three hours notice, couldn't make it.

Meeting Barbara Bush
I may be going out on a limb, but I'm guessing an
invitation to meet Barbara Bush was the biggest
honor The Fairfax News, has ever accepted.
The former first lady was charming, humorous and
inspiring to a large crowd at the Sheraton Inn.
Mrs. Bush came to help Martha Rainville's cause
in a pre-primary fundraiser in 2006.
Andy Potter of WCAX was there.

The Declaration of Independence
July 4th, 1776
When was the last time you read it ?

VTANG Deploys to South Korea
Six F-16's and 200 support staff headed out

Rep. Peter Welch on Sunday joined Senators
Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders in recognizing
the 29 Vermonters the delegation has nominated
to join the United States Service Academies
The nominees were recognized by the delegation
at the annual reception in the Cedar Creek Room
of the Vermont Statehouse at 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

Vermont Joins Dark Sky Movement
We just installed new lights at BFA Fairfax
with grant money from the government.

Tax Refunds Will Have to Wait

Congressman Welch Came to Fairfax
He was at Ralph McNall's Farm at 1:00pm Friday
Welch Unveils Plan from WCAX

U.S. Congressman Peter Welch was at
Minor's Country Store on February 18th.
Many folks came to speak with Peter about
their ideas and he told the crowd how his
office might be able to assist them.
We spoke about Fairfax's new proposed Town
Office and how they may be able to assist.
Watch for more news on this.
Thanks, Peter, for coming to Fairfax !

Rising Vermont Gas Prices
High Prices Hurting Budgets in Vermont
Vermont's prices are above national average.

Obama Taps Dubie for NORTHCOM

CT Senate Votes to Abolish Death Penalty


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